Morning Musings (4th Ed.)

Nothing beats the smell of the brewery in Soulard. Absolutely nothing.

Everytime I hear Nicki Minaj, I wish it was Sophia Grace instead.

I always wondered what the speed limit on Gravois was. I know I should know that, since I drive it everyday, but I had never seen a sign! This morning, I noticed not one, but two 35mph signs! I was going about 50. Oops.

In my professional life, I can point to a few specific instances that reaffirmed what I do and why I do it. This was one of them last night. Omg. Blushing.
You've probably heard of the Dad who shot his daughter's laptop after an inappropriate Facebook posting. You probably think he is nuts. I thought so at first, too. Then I watched the whole video. And to be honest, I agree 100% with what he did. His daughter was posting things she shouldn't online. They tried talking to her about it, tried grounding her and it didn't work. So they took it to the next level. They took away her computer and guaranteed that she wouldn't get it back. Do I like guns? No. Do I like shooting things at close range in fields? No. But I like responsible parenting and holding your kids accountable for their actions. Anyway, this morning, the family was on the Today Show and I like the guy even more now. He's smart, well spoken and seems to have a great relationship with his family - yes, even his daughter. And you know what? He saved the girl's hard drive! He made sure he backed up all her data - her pictures, her files, everything. He saved it and gave it to her so that when she did have a computer, she would still have all that stuff. I think that's pretty awesome. And I think that girl is actually kind of lucky to have parents that are trying to show her that what you put online matters. 

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Kristin said...

First, love the Pinterest comment!

Also, I had/have the same feelings about the facebook dad!

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