Dear Foodie Events

I've been to my fair share of foodie events in St. Louis - Taste, Sauce Magazine's Saucy Soiree, and last night's Iron Fork event by RFT. In my excursions, I've learned a few things.... that I feel compelled to share with organizers of said events and ones similar.

1. More trash cans please. Seriously.
2. Bigger signs! Uh, hi. You want your event to be crowded, right? So how the hell do you expect me to see that little sign on their table saying what restaurant it is when there is a crowd of people in front of it? Big signs on the walls/above the booth would be awesome. Or better yet.....
3. Maps of where the restaurants are. Print them out. Hand them out. Then I know which side to hit first, which lines I want to stand, where the drinks are....
4. And let me drink what I want! Little did I know, my 'three complimentary drinks' last night were not for my choosing. I had to have one beer, one glass of wine and one mixed drink. Uh, no. I don't like mixed drinks. I understand it gets people trying stuff from all three vendors. I get that it makes it easier for you to estimate quantities. But this event isn't about you and making your life easier. It's about me. And me getting to have fun and stuff my face and get drunk tipsy a few casual drinks with my friends.
5. Is this a line? This is always a conundrum. Are we walking in a big circle here? Is there a line for each table? Is it just a free-for-all fight to the front?
6. Vendors are a good idea. I'm a sucker and buy stuff. Especially if it is from local print shops... just sayin.
7. Entry fees work if the portions are small and free. And I get free drinks (but please see #4).
8. Encourage/Require the restaurants have info like what they are serving, where they are located, how to connect with them on social media (please see my Atomicdust blog post on what a great job Sauce did for reference). Having full menus on the tables are nice too, so I can look to see if I want to check it out in real life.

I'm not saying I don't have a good time at these events... I do. But I have the same complaints every time. And felt compelled to share.

I'll go have my coffee now and stop being so crabby.

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Ashley said...

I agree with SO many of these! I haven't been to too many food events (just Taste of Soulard and Taste of St. Louis), but the lack of trashcans (and usually tables) really drive me crazy. Sometimes I have a drink + food and I want someplace to set something down for a second - set up some cocktail tables or long pub bars or something, please!

At the Zoo on alternating years we have Zoofari and A Zoo Ado - they are both amazing food events and if you can swing a ticket, I HIGHLY recommend them. Zoofari is super expensive (I think for non-members it's around $150/ticket), but Zoo Ado (which is this year) is $75 (or find an employee who can buy you tickets at our discounted rate - then it's a steal!) - still expensive, but we always have really good bands, plus it's all you can eat + drink...and there's animals.

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