The Amazing Tucker Dress

I bought this dress when Target re-released some of the Go! designs. I thought it was okay when it first came out, but it was after I saw so many other bloggers wearing it that I decided I should go ahead and buy it.

Good decision? I think yes.

Without the belt, the dress resembles huge, ugly, old timey pajamas. Belt it and you have a dress that goes with flats, sandals, boots; pair it with a cardigan, blazer; blouse it to wear as a top. It's insane. Today, I was going to blouse it (like I did here) but when I put my jeans on it just magically tucked in perfectly all on its own. I'm not sure how a dress that goes down to my knees can tuck into jeans without bunching up, but I'm not going to question it.

Tucker for Target dress as a top. flats, jeans and belt from Target too. 

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