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Confession: I've been dying for some geometric jewelry (inspired by Gretchen's work on Project Runway last season), so when I stumbled into the Scarlett Garnet booth at Loufest on Saturday, I was smitten. Their. Stuff. Is. Awesome. I found a few pieces I liked, but settled on this chevron necklace. And of course, when I got home and checked out their website I found even more pieces I loved!

And PS. I chatted a bit with Katie, one of the girls behind the collection, about the whole Gretchen comparison. Katie, a friend of Project Runway's (and St. Louis' own) Michael Drummond, said that when he got back from filming he told her one of the designers made jewelry that was very similar to hers. Katie has seen Gretchen's stuff in person and said it has a more three dimensional element to it that doesn't come off on camera very well.

Our little secret? I like Katie and Scarlett Garnet's collection better :)

dress, sandals and belt from Target. necklace by Scarlett Garnet


Ashley said...

I LOVE that necklace (and all the better to be supporting a local artist!) I just bought some spendy costume jewelry last week, but I'll definitely be checking out their website (or one of the local shops where they sell) soon!

Kassie said...


Kristin said...

Can you say, Christmas present??!! hint hint ; )

silvergirl said...

super cute necklace
very military inspired
BUT, Gretchen... please tell me you were only a fan of her jewelry!!

Jdel: said...

i think your chevron piece is my favorite out of the whole lot. its very different..which is great. and i like the back story.

shopfreak said...

Love that necklace, and i love how you kept your outfit simple so that you can focus on the necklace.

Chris said...

I too love Scarlett Garnet jewelry, although I don't own any yet. This is stunning on the solid black dress!

Sarah in Indiana said...

Great necklace and perfect outfit to showcase it!

Scarlett Garnet Jewelry said...

Danielle, this is Garnet from Scarlett Garnet Jewelry. Thanks so much for featuring us in your blog. We appreciate you setting the record straight regarding the Gretchen chevron jewelry. What can we say, great minds just think alike!

Anonymous said...

Gretchen es one of the most annoying designers in PR history. I would never buy any of her crunchy hippy crap. The ladies of Scarlett Garnet are opposite of Gretchen in my mind. Such sweeties.

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