Have you been to Bogart's in Soulard? You need to go. It's amaze-balls (I stole that word from Giuliana Rancic, FYI).

The deets:
It's BBQ. It's right across from Soulard Market. I hear they will deliver to iTap (win!). There's limited seating. They bring water bowls out for dogs (extra star for them!). They have weird, weird hours. It's better than Pappy's, in my opinion. I didn't think I liked ribs before I had theirs. Their Pineapple BBQ sauce is awesome. Their staff is friendly. They have Pepsi products. I hear the pastrami is good. Their baked beans are more spicy than sweet, not what I'm used to. The potato salad is more like egg salad. Their applesauce is hands down, the absolute best applesauce I have ever had. My choice lunch is the pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and applesauce, and a Pepsi of course.

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Kristin said...

Remember this as a place I need to go next time I'm in town. Yummy.

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