Sunday Funday: Meramec Vineyards Edition

If you read my City in a Jar guest post, you know I stopped at Meramec Vineyards on my way home from Springfield last weekend.

I make the drive to and from southern Missouri pretty often, and always wish I had some spare time to stop off in St. James to visit their winery. On Labor Day, we figured, what the heck. We've got all afternoon. So we looked up a few in the area, and settled on Meramec because they served food. Why stop off for lunch at McDonald's when you can have a pork tenderloin sandwich and a bottle of wine?

Now, I'll be honest, Meramec wasn't the best winery I've been to. I was sad to see it is right off the highway, so your scenery is pretty much just passing cars. I wouldn't drive out there for a day trip, but for a quick stop for lunch and a glass of wine it was perfect.

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