I Went to a Cards Game

... like two weeks ago. I've been too busy to post about it (sorry!) but even though it's a little outdated, I couldn't resist mentioning it. Sure, I saw a winning game, ate a bacon-wrapped hot dog, enjoyed a couple cold Buds, but I also go my picture taken with some players!

You see, it was Social Media Night with the Cardinals and they were doing raffles for prizes - tickets, signed balls, the usual - but my ticket won for a picture with David Freese, Daniel Descalso and Jon Jay! They are even sending me an autographed copy! Eeeeeek.
{the famous photo}
{only in STL would you see a beer-shaped hot air balloon}
{bacon-wrapped goodness}
{my view}

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Anonymous said...

You DO realize that WS MVP David Freese is HOT & That YOU are UGLY & OBESE... #NEVERGONNAHAPPEN :( #SORRY :(

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