Scrub in Transition

You can blame my lethargy on a number of things...
  • The long weekend.
  • The fact that I've run into a string of bad luck - leaving my dress at a hotel, forgetting to give the bride and groom their wedding present this weekend and instead driving off with their programs and guestbook in my car, a little fender bender that bruised the Neon and my ego. 
  • This chilly weather. I'm like the only one on the planet who doesn't want summer to end just yet. 
  • I have to start blowdrying my hair everyday (because of the aforementioned chilly weather).
  • This weird headache / sore throat I have. I only feel better when I'm talking about social media, eating pasta or drinking coffee. Go figure. 
But on the bright side.... it's cool enough to wear scarves and my mustard cardigan again. Plus, I'm guest posting over at City in a Jar today (love those girls!) about three things that make me happy, so I better put on a happy face.

white Hanes tee. jeans and not pictured flats from Target. cardigan from H&M. scarf from Van Heusen. messy room not for sale.

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caviardreams said...

liking the colour of that cardigan. i might have to purchase something in that shade. thanks for the inspiration!

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