Thursday Thoughts

  • Thank god for Hanes white tees. And my very business casual office. 
  • Don't judge people in a professional setting based on age or what they're wearing. Just sayin'. 
  • I'm interviewing for an intern at work and feel like such a grown up. Also, interviewing is just as nervewracking as being interviewed. 
  • Facebook Timeline and changes to the way we 'like' things freaks me out - not for personal use, but professionally. 
This became a pretty work-heavy post, didn't it? Indicitive of my life right now.

jeans and flats from Target. Hanes white tee. cardigan from Old Navy. assorted gold/pearl necklaces and gold earrings. 


Ashley said...

I remember the first time I interviewed someone at work - I was SO nervous. Now I'm an old pro at it - I interview people who are anywhere between 15 and 70 years old regularly. Every once in a while I'll get the odd person who likes to make a big deal over the fact that I'm young....and then I don't hire them :)

Danielle said...

Thansk for the encouragement! I actually just hired my first person... and feel a little weird because she is a year or two older than me. I never consider myself a pro or expert or anything (in social media, we are all learning as we go along), so I feel weird bossing someone around... especially one that's 'older and wiser'.

It'll take some getting used to!

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