The Other Side of NYFW

I wish I could keep up with all this Fashion Week nonsense, but I can't. I'm busy with work, our office is moving, I'm hiring an intern, I've got insurance / car repair / vet visits to deal with, a plane ticket / mattress / dog food / new pair of jeans to buy, and a calendar that is filled up til Christmas. Oh and my gym membership expired. Oops.

But can we just talk for a second about that unfortunately dressed pair in the background of this photo? See people. New York isn't ALL the glitz and glamour you imagine.
photo via Sterling Style


Anonymous said...

hahaha! I was thinking the SAME exact thing when I saw this photo on the Sterling Style blog. I was like "eek! those 2 ladies are at Fashion Week?!"

Danielle said...

I love it! See... NYC has frumpy people too. Stop hating on the MidWest!

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