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This was my yummy yummy Valentine's dinner.

This is my yummy yummy Valentine's Day gift to myself from Merb's.

I shouldn't ever complain about my 8-12 minute morning commute... no matter how many highway drivers join me on Gravois and slow me down.

Life is better when you are doing random, fun things with friends. In the past week, I've had a Starbuck's coffee date, a 'working' brunch, BBQ and beer on a Saturday afternoon and a nice little happy hour followed by a giant pitcher of margaritas (that we came nowhere near finishing). Wait, maybe life is just better when I'm eating...

Metromix is doing a 'best of' list. I love 'best of' lists because then I find out about new bars and restaurants (which, as is evidenced above, I enjoy). But this one has me stumped. In the 'Best Festival' category, we have Taste of St. Louis, LouFest, Oktoberfest, and Celebrate St. Louis (Live on the Levee concerts and 4th of July fireworks). How am I supposed to choose?!

Last night, I tried to make flatbread pizza. It looked delicious, but here's a tip. Make sure your tomatoes aren't super juicy otherwise your flatbread crust will be soggy. Sad face.

This is what happens when I try to take a picture of my dog using the slowest app on the planet RetroCamera.

Sunny days are slowly coming back. And so is my blinding drive home. But I'll take it. I'm sick of winter.

I need things to do in Steamoat Springs and/or Colorado Springs. I'm going in March. Any help?

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