No Sequins. Day 26, 27 + 28.

Day Twenty Six: Friday day
I feel weird posting this outfit because I wore it to a funeral.... But hey, life happens whether you're doing a random fashion blogging challenge or not, right? And, even though it was under sad circumstances, it meant I got to see my best friend who has been away in the Peace Corps for the last twelve months. Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

black jeans, cardigan, black T-strap wedges, black socks and belt from Target. white tee from Express. necklace from mom. 

Day Twenty Seven: chicken and beer
I wore this out Friday night to a chicken dinner at Hodak's and drinks in Soulard at iTap and 1860s. Good food. Good drinks. Good friends. Good night. (Oh and white sweater dress got its 30x30 debut!)

white sweater dress from Express. cardigan and tights from Target. boots via Victoria's Secret. no clue where the belt is from.... 

Day Twenty Eight: this isn't sequins
I'm sorry. I know I have pretty much worn this before. And I know I should have worn my sequin skirt because, let's face it, now it won't get worn in the 30x30 at all. But I just wasn't feelin' it. I was feelin' this instead. Forgive me. 

gray lace/silk top from Express. jeans, t-strap heels from Target. necklace from Miley for Walmart. 

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