Jewelry. Day 19.

Day Nineteen
So apparently I own no jewelry. This necklace, along with every other one I've worn, is 'borrowed' from my mom. And you probably notice the only jewelry I really wear is a long necklace. I'm boring. 

I go through phases. I used to love wearing a big, chunky bracelets, but then I started wearing watches everyday and I don't like doubling up. And I used to always wear pearl earrings (during the day... in college) or pretty dangley ones (when I went out... in college), but now I pretty much stick with my diamond studs everyday. 

Oh, I guess I should have told you all that in my descriptions of 'what I'm wearing.' Oops. The earrings are a graduation gift from my parents. Just simple, small diamond studs. And I vary between a gold/silver Seiko watch my sister got me as a graduation/maid of honor present and a silver one I got from Target a few years ago. So, now you know.

jeans and blazer from Target. shirt from H&M. boots by Chinese Laundry. necklace from mom. 

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