Seven Things

The lovely Elisabeth of Multiple Factors (who looks just like the girl from Pushing Daisies, no?) tagged me for a couple of awards:

The requirement of these awards is for me to share seven things about myself and then to tag seven others to do the same. So first, me:
1. I work in social media (and blogs and PPC and that sort of stuff) for an amazing marketing and design firm.
2. I rarely wear lipstick or lip gloss, which is weird because I have an insanely large collection of it. I guess I just like chapstick, which probably stems from...
3. When I was a kid, I would lick my lips so bad it would chap the skin around my lips and make me look like I had big fat clown lips. Embarrassing. My dad told me that if I stopped he would take me to Glamour Shots and I've been clown lips-free ever since.
4. I love St. Louis... but if you read my blog, you can probably tell that already.
5. I've been going to Tablerock Lake (near Branson, Mo.) every summer for my entire life. A couple years ago, we finally bought a house down there. I love it. Being out on the boat, speeding around the lake, surrounded by rolling hills of southern Missouri.... it's the best.
6. I love TV (I have a TV blog, so you don't see very many tube-related posts here).
7. Twitter has changed my life. I'm pretty sure it got me my job. It got me on MTV. And it has introduced me to so many great people. I love it (follow me, @daniellesmyname).

And here are my seven other blogger picks. This little award has been making the rounds, so hopefully you girls haven't been tagged already! I skimmed through some recent posts... but didn't put my investigative journalism skills to very good use. Any who, all of these are girls I started following recently with EBEW or 30x30....
1. Ramsey of Love, Ramsey - because her dark hair makes me want to dye mine.
2 and 3. Katie and Logan from Sparkle - because it is double the blogging fun with two authors!
4. Stephanie of Maybe Someday We'll Be Smarter - because she posts music with her outfit posts and gives me something to listen to.
5. Bex from A Style Diary - because I freakin love her style. And her long blond hair.
6. Kelley from The Eclectic Owl - because I'm jealous of her perfect buns (I'm talking about hair here people!)
7. Liz from 26 and Counting - because she has the best work outfits ever, even when rocking the all black and white ensembles once a week.


Human Sparkler ♥ said...

How sweet of you! This is our first real award and I'm so happy!! Thank you!!

I also don't mean to be a total creep, but I noticed you have a DG blog and wondered if you were a DG...I would guess so? Go DG!! Also, I noticed you work at a marketing/design firm which is something I would love to do in my future. I am graduating in May with a marketing degree and your company looks so fun! It seems like you really enjoy it!
Anyway, I don't mean to blabber on and on, but thank you again!!!

Danielle said...

I AM a DG! look at us... sisters connecting on the blogosphere! so cool!

Ramsey said...

I remember I used to want to go to glamour shots a Sokol bad!

bex said...

aw, i TOTALLY remember Glamour Shots too! I always wanted to get them done but never did. BUT I went to a Mary Kay party in high school with my mom and sisters and had glamour "like" shots taken then.
oh the memories of horribly teased hair and feather boas.

Simple Subtle Style said...

#3 is funny... mostly because that happened to me too!! I'm still addicted to chap stick.

Danielle said...

When we went for Glamour Shots, I had really really long hair. My older sister was like, 'Do NOT let them curl all that' but I was sort of a pushover. It was BIG. I should ask my mom if she can scan the pics....

And I can't believe someone else had the same chapped face issue! I feel like less of a freak now ;)

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