St. Louis Fish Fry Season 2013: St. Gabriel and St. Stephen Protomartyr

St. Gabriel
St. Gabriel is consistently one of my favorite fish fries. What's not to love about getting free beer in line, real cod, great sides and great service?

Yes, the line may be long - but like I said, they walk around giving you free beer! There are generally a few fish items to choose from - jack salmon, cod, catfish, and shrimp were among the options this year I believe. The cod here is my favorite in St. Louis. It is seasoned so nicely. And so many good sides! I opted for fries (I can't resist) and slaw (to keep it fresh). Although you are allowed two sides with each dinner, they gave my boyfriend three as a thanks for waiting. So nice!

I can be tough to find places to sit in the cafeteria, so travel in a smaller group (I recommend that for most fish fries though). And if you're really smart - do carry out and just sneak over to the dining room! The carry out line is always considerably shorter. 

St. Stephen Protomartyr
I may have gone overboard with the fried food at this one. 

I had the fish tacos last year, and while good - too spicy for me. I stuck with the cod (fried) this year. I'm traditional. The fish comes with hush puppies  (fried), and for sides I went with the much-raved about mac n cheese bites (fried) and sweet potato fries (fried). Whoa. The fries were great and I'd definitely get those again, but I wasn't a fan of the mac n cheese bites. I wish I had gotten some coleslaw. Something 'fresh.'

Favorite dessert variety of the year! In true St. Paddy's tradition, I went with this chocolate/mint cake and Joe had some sort of chocolate chip gooey butter cake that looked awesome. It was the first time this year that there was more than one thing on the dessert table that I wanted. Kudos, St. Stephen!

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