Lazy Girl's Craft Project: Ombre-Dyed Easter Egg

When we dyed eggs last weekend, I tried out this ombre egg design I'd seen on Pinterest. It was so easy and turned out great! And this coming from the least crafty person ever.

You'll need:

  • Hard-boiled eggs, as many as you choose. (You can also hollow out your eggs by poking a hole in the bottom but that is way to advance for me.)
  • Cup large enough to submerge the egg. I used a rocks glass. 
  • Food coloring. (You can use the dye packets in the kits too, but I just used plain ole blue food coloring! About 10 drops.)
  • White vinegar. 
  • Water, in an easy-to-pour container. 
  • Egg holder or whisk.
  • Cookie or drying rack with newspaper underneath. 

This is literally the easiest process ever. Fill the glass with a little bit of vinegar, water and 10 or so drops of the food coloring. You need to use very little so that only the bottom of the egg is submerged.

Place the egg in the cup. This is when the egg holder (I think they usually come with the kits) or a whisk (just stick the egg inside) comes in handy. You don't want to just plop the egg down in there, because you want to keep the dye line clean. Place it in the cup very gently.... and walk away.

Seriously. Don't touch it. Don't move it around. Just let it sit for 5-10 minutes.

After some time has passed, carefully pour a little more water in the cup to raise the dye line. Let that sit for a few minutes and, you guess it, repeat again.

For the first line, I waited probably close to 10 minutes, but I didn't take as much time between the others. Usually more like 5 minutes, or when it got down to the end, it was closer to 2 minutes or just 30 seconds for the top.

Remove your egg very carefully and place on a drying rack. If you place directly in the carton or on the table, the colors are more likely to run and you'll get a little spot mark from where it was sitting.

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