Fish. Fish. Fish.

You may have recalled that I wrote a post for Girls Guide to the Galaxy about all the fish fries I wanted to visit this Lenten season. Well here's a quick follow up-

Ash Wednesday: St. Simon
I was partial because I grew up in this parish, but it really deserves an 'F.' The fish was nothing special, the fries were disgusting, and I'm confident the 'service' would have been pretty much nonexistent if my mom and I hadn't been recognized by a few people.

Friday #1: Burger King
If you have to go the fast food route, it was better than McDonald's Filet O' Fish.

Friday #2: St. Cecilia's
Read my review! Nom nom nom.

Friday #3: Fail
I was in Colorado. And I cheated and had BBQ that night even though I had an amazing catfish poorboy for lunch. Whoopsie daisy.

Friday #4: St. Gabriel
The best food so far. And the staff was friendly. I did carry-out, but wish I had time to dine-in - they give you free beers while you're in line! Although.... the dine-in line was really long.

Back to the food- I got cod (your basic square filet, but it was perfectly crispy), mac and cheese, and fries. It was delicious. The boy got catfish and said it was just okay... but I think it's because it sat in a styrofoam box for a half hour.

Friday #5: St. Agatha
Best bang for your buck. $6 gets you a huge piece of (delicious) catfish, pasta, cole slaw, potato salad and fries, not to mention bread out on the tables. And they have Polish beers. Hmmmmm.

Oh and did I mention you can smell the brewery from there? Win. Here's a couple pics...
Look at all that fooooood. 
Polish beer! Don't be scared. They were all good. 


Anonymous said...

Yum! I'm drooling on the keyboard looking at those pics from St. Agatha's. I need to add that to my list of fish frys to try...

Danielle said...

you NEED to go there. I'm tempted to forget going anywhere else and just go there again!

Anonymous said...

St. Agatha's is definitely my #1 this year so far!

I wish I could've tried more of the Polish Beers....

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