St. Louis Fish Fry Season 2013: St. James the Greater and St. Agatha

Ash Wednesday: St. James the Greater
Went straight to St. James after getting home from Colorado Wednesday night and ended up getting there right before close. I can't really judge ambiance, service, or crowded it was because by that time, we were the only ones there. 

The slaw was great, the cod was crispy but obviously just frozen squares (I don't mind, I like that kind!). The white pasta was amazing. I don't usually pick pasta/spaghetti at fish fries because I generally find it dry, but this was awesome. I'd go back just for that. Other sides I think they had were fries and green beans. The desserts were limited when we got there, but all looked homemade. I had some banana cake and it was awesome. No idea how much it costs (didn't see any signs and the boy paid) but I think it may have been more expensive than most. I think he said $20+ dollars for our two dinners. AB beers in cans were $2. 

St. Agatha in Soulard 
No pictures on this one because it was (a) so good, as always and (b) because I was so flustered.... they weren't serving any beer. 

St. Agatha was just as good as always. Amazing food prepared by the sweet Polish parish tucked away between the brewery and 55 in Soulard. We had real fried fish (no squares!), amazing slaw, sauerkraut and fries. But there were no desserts this year - just bread and bagels. Odd choice if you ask me. Water, tea or a (warm) soda were included with the meal. $7 I believe. 

But the beer.... ugh. One of the reasons I loved St. Agatha was their selection of Polish beers. It made it a real cultural event instead of just a fish fry. It really made it special. It was one of the fish fries I enjoyed the most and loved to share with my friends. They aren't serving any beer this year though. And it is such a shame. I know that many stricter parishes (and pastors) are against serving beer at church events.... but the reality is that brings in a lot of money. You have to know your audience - St. Louis is a beer drinking town. A Catholic beer drinking town. 

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