Time To Vent

In the last month,
  • my car has broken down and needed to be towed from in front of my house. Then took three days at the garage to get fixed (and I don't even think it is 100%). 
  • my basement has flooded (twice now actually. It happened again last night.)
  • my electricity went out, and not during a storm, but when it was bright, beautiful and hot outside. Perfect time to go without AC. 
  • I went to get my car licensed (or titled?) and was missing paperwork from the bank that they still haven't gotten for me. 

And now, there is a mouse in my house. 

I thought Maverick was crazy. He kept perking his ears up and looking around. He kept jumping down off the bed and running over the the closet/dresser/dirty clothes hamper (usually right as I was starting to fall asleep. Awesome). He kept walking around sniffing everything, very suspicious-like. 

But this morning, I saw him. 

A little (really cute actually) brown mouse. I 'eeeeeee'd like a little girl, waving my hands in the air just like you see people girls do in movies and TV. I pointed to him and whispered, 'Over there, Maverick! He's right there!' I got the blank stare back. Why don't dogs speak English?!

I guess I need to buy some traps or something. But how the hell am I going to pick up a dead mouse to throw it out? 

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Anonymous said...

Make sure to get the traps that kill them, or that trap them in a box for release. The sticky papers where they just get stuck, alive, indefinitely (well ... )? Traumatizing.

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