Just Barely.

grey tee, black skinny jeans, yellow belt and tan sandals all from Target. 

Just barely made it out of bed this morning, so appropriate that I'm just barely wearing yellow for Everybody Everywear.

Let's break it down.

The outfit. Like I said, barely yellow, but it'll do. I consider yellow one of my favorite colors, yet have very little of it in my closet. I've got a yellow tunic and, of course, my mustard cardigan, but that's it. And considering it is a blistering 200 degrees outside today (just barely an exaggeration), long sleeves just weren't going to do.

The inspiration. Saw this on Dash Dot Dotty and pinned it immediately so I could recreate it myself. Ah, the joys of following too many style blogs.

The nails. Please note my new mint green nails, but please ignore the chips. They need a touch-up. Bad. The color is actually Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet but this color is everywhere right now. You can probably find something similar with any brand.

The hair. I've been sporting 'the blogger bun' every day after work and all day on the weekends, but have yet to wear it like this to work. I still can't tell if it looks like I just came from the gym or if it looks legit. Your opinion is desired.

Yellow | Everybody, Everywear


Shelley said...

The yellow is just the right touch! And the hair looks great -- breezy and relaxed. Too. Cute. :)

Monica and Whitney said...

Love the pop of yellow! Such a great EBEW look!

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The Seventh District said...

I have mint sorbert too! love that color and thanks for stopping by The Seventh District

Meagan said...

I really love the color of your nails!

readwatchrelax said...

the pop of yellow is just perfect to brighten up the outfit. Know what you mean, my fave color is green yet hardly wear it, I end up sticking to "safe" colors. :/
p.s. bun is legit and cute!

Danielle said...

thanks guys! and I got lots of compliements on the nail color..... bun, not so much. ha!

Cathy said...
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