Home Wine Kitchen

Friday night I had a little girls night outing to Home Wine Kitchen and it.was.awesome.

Home Wine Kitchen is the newest addition to 'that strip' in Maplewood. You know the one. Schlafly Bottleworks and Acero on one end. Monarch and the now closed Jive n' Wail on the other. Boogaloo, Post and Las Palmas in the middle. Plenty of parking in the Shop n' Save or whatever across the street...

Anyway, Home Wine Kitchen is awesome. It's a little hard to find since they don't have the name above the storefront like everyone else (instead, look for a little cabin icon), but worth the trip. They keep it simple there. Inside is cozy and rustic. Dinner menu is short and simple with a few options for apps, a few entrees and a few sides. All bottles of wine are $30. Wines by the glass are listed on a chalkboard behind the bar. And the staff is as friendly as can be.
Riesling. Refreshing. 

Pork Chop. Delicious. (And Monica's got the Tomato Confit in the background.)

My only complaint (and it isn't really their fault) is that it wasn't crowded at dinnertime on a Friday night. There might have been one or two other parties there besides us. That worries me. This place is great and I do not want it to close. Come on, STL foodies. Get off your butts and go to Home Wine Kitchen!

PS: See what I wore there!

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