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Friday night, I had a little girls night at Home Wine Kitchen in Maplewood. It was a welcome relief to get dressed up and wear heels. I bet you all were beginning to think I didn't own any, huh? Anywho... apologies for the return of the awkward mirror picture. My friend actually took a picture of me outside the restaurant before dinner, but the more I looked at it, the more beauty pageanty it looked. I snapped this one after we got home.

I got this orange top from Exit 248... my first ever thrifted purchase! Does it still count as thrifting if I bought it online?

top, thrifted from Exit 248. skirt from Express. heels by Chinese Laundry. assorted bracelets. nail color: French Affair by Essie on hands, Geranium by Essie on toes. 

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Hilary Mae said...

Need. those. shoes. now.
They are amazing.

Hilary Mae

Danielle said...

Got them a couple of years ago at DSW I think ..... check out Chinese Laundry online and you might be able to find them. They are my favorite shoes ever!

Katy Rose said...

Love the bold color of the thrifted top you are wearing. The red is such a great color on you! (I'm always a little jealous of people who can pull off red with such ease.) - Katy

Danielle said...

in real life, I think it is more of an orange... maybe coral-orange. weird that it photographs so red!

Meagan said...

Sooo cute. you should think about submitting this to the photo thrifting link up I host on my blog each Thursday!

mybeadifullife said...

your shoes are cute!!

come enter my giveaway :)


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