I (Still) Love STL

This morning, there was a shooting in Saint Louis city (just a few blocks from my house in fact). While that is disheartening enough, I was seeing people comment on Facebook about how 'St. Lousy' was now a 'warzone'. A place you went if you wanted to get killed. That it didn't matter if you were on the the north side or the south side, but that the city was filled with 'low income, multinational families on federal aid' and it wasn't safe anymore.

This made me mad on so many levels. I won't go into it all here because I try really hard not to use this blog for crazy rants. I'll just say that I believe in this city. Yes, it has it's fair share of problems, but I believe that there are good people here working to make it better. And for that matter, I believe there are so many things about this city that are already great. Things that don't get enough attention or are maybe taken for granted.

Lucky for me, I was bombarded with STL pride this afternoon.

First, there was the STL Style newsletter in my inbox. They've inspired me to add these to my wish list:
a city flag

4th edition City Neighborhoods map (I bought it in green earlier this year for the boy and am tempted to get the red for myself....)

They also promoted this SGC event that is going down on Cherokee Street next Friday. I visited All Along Press a while back and have admired their (and other Cherokee Street shops') work for a while now. I think I know how I'm spending next Friday evening....

And then I saw this video from Sauce Magazine. The skyline shots are enough to make me fall in love.... 

I love Saint Louis. I'm not giving up on it (and 'moving out to the country where the only thing that gets shot at is deer') just yet.


Kristin and Chris said...

It used to be that outsiders to St. Louis believed the misconception that St. Louis was/is a "dangerous" city, the 2nd highest in crime . . . what is sad though, is that those misconceptions are now starting to be believed of by St. Louisans themselves.

I just had a co-worker, who grew up in DC, tell me that St. Louis was "dangerous." I told her that if she isn't scared living here in DC, where there are robberies and shootings blocks away from our workplace and homes, then she has no reason to be scared in StL.

You aren't alone, I believe in the city too!

Anonymous said...

Danielle, thank you for this post. Being a proud St. Louis City resident, STL Style Customer, and lover of Cherokee St (where my mother lives), I agree with every word you wrote.

What I've said hundreds of times is that I'm not leaving. I won't be smoked out. I'm going to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Randy Vines said...

Danielle, your post is a perfect example of what inspires us to do what we do every day. Those with a clue know that this city (any city, really) is so much more than numbers on a piece of paper, or sensational news stories. STL has the stuff. And that's why we love it. Keep up the great work!

muddybuddy said...

preach, girl!!! i love, st. louis, too :)

Anonymous said...

I've been out of the city for over 12 years now but I still miss it. I love going back and would move back in a heartbeat if I could. Forest Park and the museums/zoo alone are enough to make me love the place.

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