Fini. Day 30.

Day Thirty
Welp, here it is. Last outfit. Look how creative I am wearing my green dress as a shirt! Total remix pro. 

Okay, not really. I honestly thought this challenge was easy. I guess I picked enough tops and cardigans/jackets that I could have just mixed and matched for thirty days without doing anything uber creative. And to be honest, I'm actually sad it's over. I'm trying to think of what to wear tomorrow and all I can think of is my flannel shirt.... fail. I'll have a recap coming soon of the last 15 days and my thoughts on this whole 'challenge' in general. 

Oh, and please look at how sunny it was this morning!! If anything, this challenge was a nice way for me to push through my least favorite season and on to spring. I'm so ready. 

black jeans and striped cardigan from Target. green dress from Old Navy. boots by Chinese Laundry. scarf from... somewhere. 

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chelsea said...

nice work! I'm proud. Looking forward to a collage of your thirty looks...hint hint :)


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