Oscars 2013: Best Dressed

I'll be honest. I was underwhelmed with the Red Carpet last night. Sure, Jessica Chastain looked great, but I expect her to. A gold dress is safe. J.Law's was like a princess... but just too poufy for my taste and I hate the back necklace. Reese was boring. Helen was boring. Kerry Washington could do without the bow, and Zoe Saldana could go without the belt. Anne. Oh, Anne. Just pitiful.

So here are my (rather unconventional) faves:
Octavia Spencer
 Amanda Seyfried
Sally Field
 Charlize was my #1 Best Dressed favorite
And Naomi Watts was #2 Best Dressed for me
I preferred Samantha Barks' performance dress to the one she wore on the Red Carpet (looked like she had to keep her shoulders back or it would fall down. Awkward.)
Adele always looks the same.... pretty much. But I liked that she let her hair down for the performance and kept it that way. Way more bombshell!
Wasn't a fan of the dress or necklace, but Jennifer Lawrence's hair and makeup were flawless. 

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