Deep Sea Fishing in St. Petersburg

When we were planning our trip to St. Petersburg, the one thing I knew we wanted to do was go deep sea fishing. But trying to find a place was tricky. It's hard to tell from websites which are overpriced, which are touristy, which are good for first timers, etc.

Hubbard's was recommended to us by our airbnb host and what a great recommendation! Reservations were easy (did it quickly over the phone) and they were happy to answer any questions we had. They do all kinds of tours - sunset cruises, dolphin sighting tours, 1/2 day fishing (5 hours), full day fishing (12 hours), even 39hr weekend trips.

We did a half day trip (5 hours). We had to be at Johns Pass at 7am, though we didn't board til after 8am. There were thirty or so on the boat with us. Some beginners, some that looked like pro's, some kids. a good variety. Once we boarded, they did a QUICK rundown of how to use the reels, but as a shy beginner, I was terrified to pick up that pole. We went an hour out, fished for three and then an hour back. We ended up catching ten or so I think. One of the guys came over and helped me catch a few fish, actually (kind of embarrassing). He would cast out and hand me the pole, and tell me when to reel and when to pause and EVERY time, I'd catch something. Like magic.

 The first fish I reeled in was a puffer fish! Everyone was catching these white/grey fish and I reel in this brown spotted one. I was like 'What is that?' and the guy grabs it, holds it up to his mouth and blows it up, 'It's a puffer fish!'.

When I threw it back in the water, it sort of blew in the wind before hitting the water and deflating and swimming back down. So funny!

 I reeled in a couple porgies and eventually caught one entirely on my own (ha!). We ended up with a good amount of fish. They filet them for you (cost us like $6) and you can take them next door to the Friendly Fisherman Restaurant, to have them cooked up right then and there for $6/person. Awesome.

 I would 100% do this again and recommend Hubbard's to others. We had a blast! The staff was awesome - you could tell they were having fun too.

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