Muny 2012: Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Reasons I know I liked loved Joseph...:

  • It was the first time all season I was humming the songs at intermission and on the ride home... and I didn't even know them. Also, I may or may not have rocked out to the soundtrack on Spotify the next day at work. 
  • In general, I've found all the dancing sub-par this season, but not this week. It was the first time I was watching and thought, 'Man, I miss dancing.'
  • Justin Guarini didn't wear a shirt for most of it. 
  • I smiled. A real genuine smile. And I laughed. Not like, a little chuckle or 'ha. clever.' I legit laughed. (Hint: Stick around for the FULL finale/curtain call. Most fun I've ever seen had on that stage.)
  • I was in my car by 10:20! I love quick shows. Especially after the marathon that was Dreamgirls
  • I teared up. I know, it's weird. But sometimes really good musicals (or commercials or songs or articles etc) get me choked up. Out of no where. It doesn't even have to be sad or anything. Anyway, last night, when the Narrator took her bow, I just got a lump in my throat. It was that good. 

Now - be warned. Joseph... may not be for everyone. It's a sort of over the top 70's/80's musical from Andrew Lloyd Weber, like Jesus Christ Superstar. It has no dialogue, just song after song. It doesn't have elaborate sets or costumes. It has modern references and is adapted for every staging. Some people don't like musicals like that. In fact, I usually don't. But I love this one.

You've got Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday left to go see it. Don't miss this one.

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