Muny 2012: Aladdin

that scene from Ten Commandments where Sephora's sisters dance for Moses (why isn't this clip online?!)
There are two versions of this review - the polite, I-go-to-the-Muny-once-a-year-or-so review, and the nit picky, high expectations, seen-too-man-shows-at-the-Muny review.

First, the polite version: 
It was a really great show. Enjoyable. You'll laugh, for sure! Really on point pop culture references (people who complain about this - and yes, I heard you complaining about it after the show - obviously don't remember the original movie that was full of them). It's fun for kids AND adults. The set design is absolutely gorgeous. Seriously. And there are a few 'Muny magic' moments that really set the show apart. 

Now, the nit picky version:
  • The three friends, one of whom was played by the amazing Francis Jue, outshined Aladdin and Jasmine. By like, a million. (To be fair, I think Jue outshines everyone.) They were better dancers, better singers, more entertaining. To be honest, I wanted Aladdin to ditch Jasmine and do the band with them, too. 
  • The Genie is just a guy playing Ken Jeong playing Genie. 
  • The voice that they cast as the Cave of Wonders was terrible. Have Ken Page do it! Or another strong male voice. I was not afraid of that giant tiger-faced cave. 
  • The show, in general, felt amateur. Some of the acting was terrible (by the guards, attendants) and everyone was flubbing their lines. Rough. 
  • Some of those 'magic' Muny moments just didn't do it for me. The Genie's entrance was cool, but took way too long to get him to the stage (and why did you save all that smoke for the 2nd act?). 'Prince Ali's' parade needed more energy. Wave those banners, get some ribbons waving in the air, bring the camels back out! The lighting for the magic carpet was terrible and looked like they were just floating against a wall of black. And that would have been an awesome time to use your new LED screen! With mountains or something moving in the background to make them look like they were flying! Plus, I'm not impressed with your camels because (a) they were on stage for about 2 seconds and (b) I've already done that. Psh. 

The kid's show is becoming my absolute least favorite. People are showing up when it is already three-songs in. People are getting up in the middle of the show. Kids are crying, yeling during the show while they are at the concession stand and bathroom. Parents are starting their mass exodus to get to the car and beat the traffic during the second- or even third-to-last song. And to the tween girls that so rudely marched to their seats during the National Anthemn instead of standing still and showing some respect... yeah, we saw you. 

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Kristin said...

This is BY FAR the best Muny review from you yet. I only wish that I had been sitting with you all sharing in these good and bad experiences!

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