July Birchbox (and then some)

I'm probably the worst blogger on the planet because I have failed to tell you all that I signed up for Birchbox.... three months ago. 

Yes, that's right. Three boxes have come and gone and I'm just now telling you about it. In case you missed the bandwagon, Birchbox is a monthly subscription that (for just $10/month) will send you a box of beauty goodies. It could be nail polish, perfume, hair accessories.... anything really. It's basically a bunch of free samples and then you can usually get the real thing on their site for a good deal. Click here to learn more and sign up

In each box, I've had a couple of things that I've actually liked/used. Haven't bought anything from them yet, but I'm considering it. Here's July's box.....

I haven't really tried any of this out, but I'm intrigued by the eyeliner (even though it is purple) and the blotting sheets (I'm oily). Also... I like treats. So the Larabar is a win. 

I don't have pictures of my May or June boxes, but took some snapshots of some of my favorite items that were featured:
I've been using this instead of my usual foundation for days out on the weekends. It gives a nice little shimmer and feels light and dewy. Plus... perfect travel size for my upcoming trip to Florida
I didn't think I'd love this gold, but it really does have a nice bronze/gold metal finish - perfect for Tiger tailgates!
This shall be known as the lip stain that turned me on to lip stains. I love it. It gives a really nice punchy red, like you just drank Kool-Aid. 

Also, not pictured, is a Luna Bar I got in June.... because I ate it. 


Carlie said...

I got the stainiac lip stain last month too and I love it! Great color that still looks natural. It was fun seeing what you got in your boxes - mine have been a little different! I assumed everyone gets the same thing, but I guess not.

Kristin said...

Never heard of this and I'm sad that we've been too busy to even talk about it :( But, I need you to promise to remind me of it this fall once I have a part time job that can pay for it!

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