The Shaved Duck

You guys. I had the most awesome dinner the other night. Not kidding.

The Shaved Duck seems to always be on our short list when we're headed out for dinner, but something always beats it... Now, I'm not sure why. I'm not sure I need to eat at another restaurant for the rest of my life. (Although, my cholesterol would disagree. This meal was by no means healthy.)

Inside The Shaved Duck, you'll find a small bar area in front of a small dining room. We had to wait 15 minutes or so for a table (it would be nice if they had benches outside to sit on!). The decor is mostly dark hardwood, with some custom photo collages on the walls.

Drink menu was severely lacking IMHO, but maybe that was just what they had on draft. In this day and age in St. Louis, I guess I expect every restaurant to have a huge beer list full of local favorites. I'm spoiled.

Now... on to the food.
{smothered fries and baked apple}
For apps, we picked the smothered fries and baked apple. The smothered fries came highly recommended and, while they were delicious, I wasn't in love. (The cheese sauce is money though. It shows up later in the mac n cheese!) Maybe I was too focused on this baked apple topped with chutney and pork (I think). It.Was.So.Good. Not a huge app, but perfect for two or three people.  

 {St. Louis ribs with brussel sprouts and mac n cheese}
{root beer-glazed meatloaf with baked beans and coleslaw}
 I'll be honest, I really can only speak for myself when it comes to the entrees, because we didn't really share (I guess that means it was too good to share?). Joe did say the baked beans were more like chili and that the root beer glaze was really good.

My entree was awesome. Really meaty ribs and the sides - holy moly - so good. Brussel sprouts are a new obsession of mine, and these didn't disappoint. And the mac n cheese. Just get it. It is cheesy deliciousness. I want a whole plate of it. Now.

No, this is not dessert (we were way too stuffed for that, by the way). This is Joe's side of cornbread. It was basically a cake. And the butter it came with must have been loaded with sugar because it tasted like my failed attempt at butter cream icing. What I'm saying is that it was frikkin' awesome. 

Go to the Shaved Duck. Don't let it sit in your 'someday we'll eat here' folder for too long. You'll regret it. 


Linda said...

I have always wanted to eat there! The ribs and mac n' cheese look so good!

Ashley said...

I have also always wanted to go there! J and I tend to stick to our 'hood, though (Lindenwood Park/St Louis Hills)....one of these days.....

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