Muny 2012: Chicago

I was really curious how the Muny would stage Chicago. The movie is all glitz and glamour and sparkle (and all that jazz!). But the stage version, at least from what I've seen, is pretty bare. Orchestra on stage. Not big sets. No flashy costumes. Mostly black leotards and simple props. I know that sounds boring, but it is what makes any pops of glamour stand out - Billy's suit, Velma and Roxie at the end. The lighting, the dancing, the singing - it all takes centerstage.

Anyway, I figured most people were coming to the Muny for Richard Gere. Not black leotards.

But they did a good job of balancing it. The sets were still pretty sparce (and the orchestra was on stage!), but the costumes were pretty glitzy. Because Kristin will ask, the dancing was great. How can you go wrong though? It's kind of hard to mess up the choreography for Chicago.

A couple of notes:
- When the foreign inmate gets hung. This is usually so dramatic. The lighting, the music plays a big role. But she was still standing there. She didn't drop down or anything. She pranced off the stage after she was supposed to be dead. I'm big into suspension of belief... but it just wasn't enough for me.
- 'Nowadays.' That song is my absolute favorite and I'm disappointed that they didn't work some of that 'Muny magic' to make the wall of lights behind Velma and Roxie. I know they had that big staircase and the orchestra on stage... and they already had the big Chicago backdrop.... but that number WITHOUT the lights behind them is just another number with two girls singing and dancing on stage. It isn't special. It doesn't stand out. It certainly isn't a finale!
- Again this week, the digital board did not impress me. I kept looking up there thinking I would see the words to the music so we could sing along. It still feels forced and out of place.


Kristin said...

Thanks for the review and dance critique ; )

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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