Opening Night! Muny 2012: Thoroughly Modern Millie

It's Muny season! That means another summer of (often-delayed) recaps and reviews. Let me be clear - I am the worst possible person to ask about a show at the Muny. I'm totally jaded and biased. I've had season tickets for years, so I've seen about a bajillion shows there. Show has to seriously blow me away to give it a glowing, enthusiastic review. If you're just enjoyable... you're just enjoyable.

Take this season's opener, Thoroughly Modern Millie.

It was good enough. Great dancing. Great singing. (Both a tribute to good casting). I chuckled. But it won't be on my 'best ever' list. It was enjoyable. 

Some thoughts:

  • I wanted more glitz and glamour and sparkle on set. There was not enough glitter for 1920s New York. 
  • Seriously though, kudos to the new producer for filling Paul Blake's shows. You never would have known a different from this show to year's past's. Except...
  • That new LED backdrop. Not so sure about that. It seemed.... out of place. The colors were off. They don't reflect light the same way the painted set does and it just looks odd. It might work really well for more modern musicals (Bring it on at the Fox this year used video screens brilliantly), but not sure if it works well for more classic musicals like this one. 
  • The human trafficking subplot was odd and uncomfortable. This is a weird musical that I would not like to try to explain to kids....

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