This Weekend

  • got bangs
  • immediately regretted said bangs
  • had a date with my DVR
  • made a grocery list and clipped some coupons
  • deleted all the contacts in my phone (again)
  • dressed all fancy and went to a cocktail party
  • slept til noon, but it was really only 11am (thanks Daylight Savings time!)
  • walked to the park to watch a rugby match (and drink some Heineken)
  • maybe regretted the bangs a little less
  • had fried chicken for dinner while I watched Boardwalk Empire and Dexter. Sunday nights rule. 
And in case you're curious about the bangs.... Not a great photo, but it's what I wore out my first night with the new 'do.
jeans and scarf from Target. jacket from Ann Taylor. boots by Chinese Laundry. black tank from New York & Company. 

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Anonymous said...

I like them!

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