I love all the tribal-print stuff that is coming out this fall. In fact, I've got quite a few pieces pinned to 'the list' that I hope Santa brings me. But I've got a question for you...

Do you think it's offensive to call things tribal print? Or Navajo-inspired? 

I remember reading a blog post once about how offensive it is equating the prints with a culture... when sometimes they aren't accurate. But what else are you supposed to call them? Is it offensive if we say things are Asian-inspired? Or African? Or what about the whole movement to dress like a French girl?

top from Forever 21. blazer by Worthington for JC Penny. jeans and flats from Target. gold cuff, ring and earrings. polish is Geranium by Essie.

Oh, and excuse the pile of dirty dishes. That just means I cooked.


Megan said...

i'm sorry, but i don't think it is offensive. if those patterns came from a culture, how else are we supposed to refer to them?

someday we're going to censor ourselves stupid.

Danielle said...

The post I read made more sense of it than I did here... something about the prints being sacred, religious symbols or something perhaps? Or the fact that we take any print and call it tribal, when it maybe isn't?

I'm just going to stick with using 'inspired'. Because I think there is NOTHING un-PC about saying you were inspired by something.

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