Baileys' Range

Okay, this is beyond overdue. I've been to Range now three times. I guess you could say I'm obsessed. The burgers are awesome. The decor is cool. They have a gazillion local beers. I'm pretty sure the rooster sauce for the fries has crack in it.

And I haven't even tried the ice cream yet.

Five favorite things:
1. The smells. Freshly baked buns. Roasted nuts. Ice cream. Having the kitchen right there really adds to the experience.
2. The Morocco burger. It's one of the 'face off' items, so there's a chance it will be switched out soon. If it's on the menu when you go, try it. You'll like it. (For the record: I've also had a Basic and Dave's Smoked Burger. Both were good, but nothing close to the Morocco.)
3. Rooster sauce for my fries. Seriously. Addicting.
4. Mason jars. Everywhere.
5. What's on tap. Six Row, Urban Chestnut, Schlafly, O'Fallon and six other local breweries are featured, along with one 'out of town guest.'

(For the record though, the service sucks. I've had this same issue at Bailey's other restaurants - Rooster and Bridge. Too bad the food, drinks and atmosphere are so awesome, I continue to go back.)

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