Picture Day

We had surprise picture day at work today. Thank goodness I look halfway decent and actually straightened my hair this morning. I wonder if they can photoshop my chipped nail polish though?

Other things I did today:
  • resolved a whole bunch of flagged emails left in my inbox
  • activated my credit card
  • scheduled a haircut
  • still felt no remorse for the Old Navy shopping spree I went on yesterday
  • listened to Christmas music way earlier than normal thanks to my new She & Him holiday CD that came in the mail yesterday
  • bought tickets to see Billy Elliot at the Fox with my mom for her birthday
  • had my first froyo experience at Flying Cow in Midtown
  • crossed a bunch of things off my to do list... and added a bunch of new things for tomorrow
dress from Target. cardigan from Old Navy. boots by Chinese Laundry. 

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