My Favorite Castle

As you know, I was invited (via Twitter!) to a blogger's breakfast at White Castle. This is awesome for several reasons...
  1. I love White Castle.
  2. I love free food. 
  3. I love random events. 
  4. I was invited via Twitter!
  5. Did I mention I love White Castle?
Check out my full post over at Girls Guide to the Galaxy (and a giveaway of Whiteys' goodies!) and enjoy a few pics from the day...

 My castle awaits!
 Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich and hashbrowns
Sausage Egg and Cheese sandwich 
 French toast sticks
 Blueberry muffin
 The infamous, iconic slider with egg and cheese
SWAG! Told ya there was a giveaway. Visit Girls Guide to learn more.

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