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The boy and I took a trip to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery (wasn't much of a trip, considering he lives just a couple blocks away...) for 'Beer School.' Basically, you pay $10 and get to learn about how beer is made, learn tips and tricks on how to pour it and what kinds of glasses to use, and of course, you get to taste some of AB's finest brews!
We tried to Budwesier, Landshark, Shock Top and Wild Blue.... all of which I've had. But the other people in our group were these two women from Australia and a big group of college kids who didn't seem to drink a lot of beer (when asked what her favorite was, one of them said, 'I don't have a favorite.' What?!). I was fun watching all of their reactions to the beers- especially Wild Blue!

And, listening to our 'teacher' talk about the correct ways to pour different kinds of beers and the kinds of glasses that will enhance the flavor of different beers... it really got me thinking. Beer drinking is as much an 'art' as wine drinking. People think wine is sophisticated and such a science, and they leave beers to kegs and chugging.... But beer is fancy too. So there. 

Oh, and check this out!
Double Pretzel! Ahhhhhhh!

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Kristin and Chris said...

Danielle - Have you met Chris? He gets mad if a restaurant doesn't give him the correct glass for his beer and doesn't pour it right... He'll be able to give you more lessons if you want!

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