Words of Wisdom... on 'doing something'

"I think this is the future of the creative community. It’s not going to be about what you’ve learned or done in the past, it’s going to be about what you’re currently doing and how you’re continually improving upon your craft. How do you become a better designer? You design... Far too many people think they’re entitled to something because of their education or their work history. I find people less impressive who rely on that as their claim to fame. I’m interested in those activity pursuing a passion. I’m interested in those that realize in the age of the Internet, we shouldn’t be worried about hiding what we’re bad at, we should be showcasing that in which we're good."
(via Michael Buffa, who incidentally was gushing about my coworker Matt)

I love love love this. I feel like so many people I know out looking for jobs these days rely far too heavily on that degree they got (and sometimes it is that degree they got a year or two ago...). They say they want to do something, work in some specific industry, yet do nothing to prove it. Start a blog about it. Get on Twitter and share articles about it and connect with people in the industry. Not only will it make you smarter, but if you show that you are passionate enough about something to pursue it for free, that makes you a pretty attractive hire, right?


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Buffa said...

Why am I just now seeing this! Thanks for the thoughts and the post! I think we're the same person, you're just a little better at social media. Love all your blogs and your friends at Atomic Dust. All good stuff.


Danielle said...

ha, Buffa I probably should have let you know you got a shout out on my blog... oops!

And I'm pretty sure we're the same person too.... keep up the great posts on your blog! I love reading/commenting!

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