Angels Among Us

Alessandra is my favorite. 
Erin is my second favorite.
And the boy likes Behati.

I guess this techinically belongs on my TV blog, but it was a fashion show so I'm putting it here under 'fashion'. I can do that. It's my blog.

Also, if you're a fan of the show, please read this live blogging of the show. It is hilarious. Serious LOLz.


blahbethany.com said...

Thanks for the comment and linking, love! :)

Melody said...

ok, so remember the year when the model without a belly button was on? That was weird. Know if she was in this years?

Danielle said...

ha, Melody I don't know! I know there was one model that came out and my boyfriend swears she did not have a belly button, AND there is a mention of it in the blabethany.com post I link to.... but I didn't notice. I am usually too busy looking at their pretty long hair!

chelsea said...


never forget that.

Danielle said...

sorry, charlie. I'm hooked on these three. plsu Marisa Miller if she was still around.

and by 'charlie', I mean chelsea, of course.

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