Tis the Season

It's my first year out on my own for the holidays and I was super excited to decorate my house.... and then I looked at the price tags. Sheesh. Decorations are expensive. I'm inheriting a tree from my parents, although I only have about three ornaments to hang on it. Fail. I'm seriously considering telling my friends they have to bring ornaments to my sweater party.

I did a little holiday shopping and picked up beige/gold garland, white lights, a red tree skirt and a super sparkley red star for the tree; a berry wreath and reindeer welcome matt for the front door; and snowmen dish towels and table runner for the kitchen. (Pics soon, I promise!)

So maybe my house will be a little underwhelming in the festive department this year, but it's a start. Here's some items I'm looking to expand with....

How great would these wintery photos look hanging around the house? Classy. (via Maria Kallin on Etsy)

Pretty handmade stockings (bonus if I make them.... which is unlikely). (via @ Gussy Sews)

Isn't this a nice little set up? It would help if I had a fireplace to burn the wood in though... (via @ Design Sponge) Oh, and while we're at it, I'll take an actual fireplace too.


Melody said...

There are tons of easy DIY projects you could tackle! Why not give at least one a try? Yoooou caaan dew et!

Danielle said...

yeah... I know...

I did end up borrowing a bunch of little odds and ends from my parents, and I think I'm going to stick with that. This IS my first Christmas with a place of my own to decorate, so I just need to accept that I can't have some festive winter wonderland right away. It takes time.

I'd say putting up a Christmas tree without killing myself or my dog, breaking a window, or lighting it on fire is as DIY as I get for now.... ha!

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