Morning Musings: Wintry Mix Edition

Winter is so cruel. It is freezing out, so you want to walk fast.... but if you walk fast, you'll slip on the ice.

Have you ever seen a lime green parking cone? I saw one the other day. It was weird.

City drivers do not pull over for emergency vehicles OR stop behind school buses. Very strange.

I've been looking all over for my big ice scraper for my car, but all I could find was my handheld one. Monday morning, after the first big snow of the season, I had to clean my car off with a little brush. While driving to work, I look in my rearview mirror and see the big scraper sitting right there in the window. Awesome.

Getting off school for ice isn't nearly as fun as a snow day.

Now that January and February premiere dates are creeping up, I realize how much I miss LOST.

My title is correct. The word 'wintry' is NOT spelled 'wintery.' Mind. Blown.

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