Morning Musings

Pretty sure Chippewa, Grand, Gravois and Meramec all intersect with eachother. And people expect me to learn north, south, east and west in this city?

I saw a passenger in a car smoking. With the windows up. Gross, right? And then he took a swig of his Busch tall boy.

The large coffee at a local donut shop is the same size as a grande at the Starbucks across the street. Oh, and it only costs $1.49.

It was snowing this morning in St. Louis. I swear.

Gowalla actually looks fun. But I already use Foursquare for check-ins (and occassionally Yelp and Facebook Places too). Do I really need another?

And on that Gowalla note, their new iPhone app integrates Foursquare and Facebook Places check-ins as well. Is that a smart move? Or admitting defeat?

I think it is impossible to find (cute) boots wide enough to fit my stupid calves.

Is it Friday yet?


Cara Stuckel said...

I really like this. Oh man Danielle. Heres my take.

I have a great sense of direction and still get lost in South CIty. I think they designed it to be confusing.

Valli told me yesterday your house was adorable. Thats quite a compliment coming from Valli.

Smoking is everywhere in Morocco. I wish I could pass a smoking ban on the bus and in Taxis but I cannot. Bummer.

I am so happy its snowing. Its like 75 here.

I think the boots are designed for people without legs, really. They never fit anyone.

MIss you.

The Cubicle Chick said...

I actually use both Foursquare and Gowalla. I don't use FB places at all and don't plan on it anytime soon. More of my friends are on Foursquare than Gowalla so to be cool for school, I use both (but I prefer Gowalla's interface better).

Was it snowing this morning? I didn't see it. :(

chelsea said...

Chinese Laundry flat over the knee boots have ELASTIC backs! They even fit my "athletic" calves.

PS: Speaking of boots, did you see Joanna's latest giveaway? DIE.

Danielle said...

Cara- I'll take Valli's comment, although I'm not sure I believe it! My house is a wreck. I'm cleaning and putting up christmas decorations this weekend though!

Danyelle- I do like Gowalla's interface way better than Foursquare... btu still haven't made the switch/addition. I always use Foursquare, and FB Places occassioanally (when I'm at a big thing, like a Cardinal's game or something).

And Chelsea- I've got tan flat Chinese Laundry boots, but they fit snug, even with the elastic (damn you, ballet). Right now I'm looking for more riing boot style, and want them to be loose up top so I can have my socks peaking out... but so far, no luck.

Oh, and DUH I saw the Frye giveaway. ENTERED.

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