Splurge or Save?

I've had my eye on this J Crew striped blazer:
But recently, my mom gave me an old striped knit cardigan, that happens to have a collar and buttons so it kind of looks like a blazer. It's a little more boxy... and the top half of the collar is solid, which is weird.... but it was free. And that one from J Crew is $118. 


Jess {The In-Between} said...

Hello. Keep the free one.
It's almost summer so the blazer will probably go on sale before long if you decide you can;t live without it.

Andrea said...

Agree! Keep the free one! It's cute and less fussy than the Jcrew one.

alglatz said...

if you're still not pleased, i picked up a blazer from marshalls kirkwood a few weeks ago that's identical to that j.crew one and just $19.95! i'll try and tweet you a photo later tonight!

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