Embracing Trends

I tried it. The whole different color nail thing. Claire and Cara and I had a long discussion about this in Morocco... I'm okay with it as long as the colors are more muted. And I prefer just having the left ring finger a different color. Maybe I feel like it's like wearing a ring? Marking a commitment? I don't know.

So I tried. I don't think I like it. As soon as I was done, I immediately wanted to take the polish off but I told myself I had to let it be for at least a day.... So I'm most likely painting my nails tonight while I watch Battle of the Exes on MTV.

Other trends I'm sporting today:
  • poncho-esque sweater
  • leopard flats
  • arm party, including an over sized gold watch
  • ballerina bun.... although that is not a trend for me. It's my life. 
And here are a few other trends I'd like to try (someday).
{anything chevron}
{big, cozy infinity scarf} 
{seriously pink lips} 
{more sequins}

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