After a day and a half in Marrakesh, it was on to Agadir! Agadir had none of the things I disliked about Kesh - less crowds, less heckling, more organized driving, wider roads. Plus, it's a pretty big French tourist destination, so I could actually read some of the signs and menus!

Agadir sits right on the Atlantic Ocean and pretty much looks like Florida. Apparently, there was a big earthquake in the 1960s and the U.S. helped rebuild.... there's even a JFK Blvd!
Our hotel was gorgeous! We ended up getting a really nice room with two beds and our very own bathroom! With toilet paper and a shower curtain! (Granted, the shower curtain was cut short and only hung down mid-shin, but whatever.)
The beach in Agadir was so pretty! This was my first experience seeing an empty beach when it is 60 something degrees outside...
The beach in Agadir is lined with a boardwalk with shops and restaurants, including this one with 'exotic' foods like pizza, hamburgers and Thanksgiving turkeys. At night, the boardwalk becomes the place to be. It felt like (a more conservative version of) the Jersey Shore.
We 'splurged' and took a tram ride around the city. What we thought would be a quick ride down the boardwalk and back ended up taking us all over Agadir, even passed the really nice all-inclusive resorts (aka where I will stay if I ever go back!).
This, my friends, is shawrma. It's sort of like a gyro with pickles. Claire refused to eat meat in Morocco, but we forced her to try the chicken shawrma and she liked it so much she insisted on coming back for dinner! On my second go around, I had a chicken burger instead - just ground chicken as the patty instead of beef- and it tasted just like Chick-Fil-A!
This is the door to the mosque in Agadir and it is just gorgeous. To me, this is so Morocco. The tiles, the wood, the color, the intricate details.
Can you believe this is Morocco? I was standing outside a Zara when I took this. We don't even have Zara in St. Louis! This whole marina area is these big, new buildings with retail space on the bottom and what I assume is residential up top. It reminded me of Branson Landing. And the docks are lined with sailboats, runabouts and even a few smaller yachts. The sunset was unbelievable.
Agadir lights up the beaches with stadium lights at night, and the effect is insanely beautiful. It creates such a stark contrast between the lit-up sand and the dark blue ocean. The mountain side says, 'God, King, Country' and is lit up at night. I think it's much prettier than our version - the Hollywood sign.
Stag? This Moroccan beer says it's made in Casablanca but it looks (and tastes) a little familiar...

Other Agadir highlights:
  • My first McDonald's experience abroad!
  • Amazing chocolate croissants!
  • The freshly-painted Agadir zoo
  • The big indoor market where I bought a bunch of souvenirs
  • The soccer stadium that also sort of looks like a quidditch field
  • Our makeshift cooler in the bathroom sink, filled with cold water and ice. 

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