Last Friday Night

(By the way, I hate that I just took inspiration from that stupid Katy Perry song.)
Take this as more proof that I actually wear heels from time to time. And more proof that Maverick loves getting in the way of my outfit photos. Apparently, me standing in the middle of the room smiling means it is time to play...

I wore this last Friday night out for dinner and drinks at Atomic Cowboy in the Grove (and later, Broadway Oyster Bar downtown). I love Atomic Cowboy, I love the Grove... but unfortunately my friend got mugged walking back to her car. I know stuff like that can happen anywhere. In fact, it is actually crazy that it happened to her because there were a bunch of other people and bike cops around the area at the time! Not to mention, she was parked way closer to the main street than I was. I walked a whole block and around the corner to my car, by myself, with no problems. It was definitely a wrong place, wrong time, completely unfortunate incident. But just remember (please!) to avoid walking around by yourself late at night, no matter how safe you think the area is or how close you're parked. It just isn't worth it. 

top & shorts from Target. heels by Chinese Laundry. earrings from Apricot Lane. assorted braclets and ring. 

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Kristin said...

I love that shirt! It reminds of my pink shirt that I wore to your MTV thing almost, *gasp*, a year ago!

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