I could be obsessing over my unfinished to do list, the wrong sunglasses that came in the mail last night, the crazy busy new few weeks months I have coming up, the fact that I haven't bought tickets for LouFest or Roots N' Blues,  or the single fly that is terrorizing me and my dog at my house...

But I refuse.

Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts. 

black skinny jeans, pink top, blue cardigan and sandals from Target. necklace from Mom. nail polish is Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet. 


LatteLove said...

great colors to mix together!

blueberry said...

Love the outfit. What do you think of the mint sorbet? Saw it in the store but it looked a bit too shimmery, but on you it looks nice. Thoughts??

Danielle said...

I really like the Mint Sorbet! I have the XTreme Wear - http://sallyhansen.com/products/nails/nail-color/hard-nails-xtreme-wear - and it is not shimmery at all. It does need two coats though. I get lots of compliments!

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