In the Cards

This might just be the perfect week - Jammin at the Zoo with coworkers last night, social media night at the Cards game tonight (hence the shirt), and Loufest in Forest Park this weekend. Now, if only I didn't have so much to do at work.... Sigh.

Speaking of work, here's a little office secret: Pair a T-shirt with a blazer and you instantly look polished, apparently. One time I was wearing a Mizzou football T-shirt, a black blazer, skinny jeans and flats and my boss asked me if I was interviewing somewhere else... Really? I'm wearing a Mizzou T-shirt.

shirt from MLB.com. jeans, blazer and sandals from Target. assorted bracelets. 

PS: In case your confused, I switched my Thursday and Friday prompt for Kayla's 21 Day Challenge so that I could wear this Cards shirt to work today. This is my 'Jazz up jeans & a tee' look, and I'll be wearing a skirt or dress tomorrow!


MilliGFunk said...

I start my new agency life on Monday, and I'm completely unsure what to wear. Sounds like Mizzou shirt + blazer is the way to go. ;-)

Hannah said...

Aren't blazers the best thing ever? Instant polish. I love the one you're wearing - I need to invest in one that doesn't look so "corporate"

Amy said...

Oh how i love blazers, way to work it!

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