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I didn't get to attend the Arch planning meeting on Wednesday (because I was at the Firebird celebrating my losing of nomination of an RFT Web Award), but I did get a chance to read through Ben Evans' blog post on the event. Here are a few things that get me all excited:
  • Extending the 'urban hallway' into the city
  • Old-time carousel in Kiener Plaza
  • Suggestions of a Ted Drewes downtown 
  • Beer garden in the Gateway Mall
  • Remote kiosks to buy Arch tickets instead of descending into that underground museum
  • City-facing, ground level, glass entrance to the Museum of Western Expansion, which will feature new and renovated galleries
  • Gondolas and other ways to enjoy the mighty Mississippi
  • The notion that the Old Courthouse and the Arch together create a 'great "urban moment"'
  • The idea that improvements to the Arch grounds will only help the rest of our city's amazing attractions... after all, the whole point was to 'connect the City to the Arch to the River'!
Check out Ben's full post over at St. Louis Energized.

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muddybuddy said...

if they put a ted drewes downtown that would make my year!! maybe my life :)

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